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Asia Pacific Peace Museum_White Horizont

Opening to the public now 


This museum is dedicated to peace. 

But there can be no peace without an acknowledgement of historical facts. 

This museum is dedicated to the struggle for a world without war. 

But there can be no absence of war without our knowing the suffering of the other. 

This museum is dedicated to a better future for our children.

But this future cannot arrive without the dream and the labour of forgiveness. 

This museum exists because of the joy that underlies the trust that goodness is inextinguishable and will triumph. 

-    Joy Kogawa

Our History

ALPHA Education's two-decade-long education work has improved people's knowledge of WWII in Asia and increased youth participation in the pioneering of a peace and reconciliation movement. Many who have resigned to eighty years of historical silence begin to see hope. As such, ALPHA Education strives to build a museum in Toronto Canada to further promote humanity and peace education through a critical understanding of the history of WWII in Asia.

justice wall d.png

After the war, Holocaust museums and education centres were erected all over the world to educate people about the history of the German Nazi Holocaust and provide them with a space to reflect upon the atrocities committed in Europe during WWII. The Asia-Pacific Peace Museum will provide a similar platform for humanity education in the context of the history of WWII in Asia.


Although there are institutions dedicated to revealing individual atrocities during WWII in Asia, such as the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders in Nanjing, the Unit 731 Museum in Harbin dedicated to studying Japanese biological weapons, the War and Women's Human Rights Museum in Seoul dedicated to documenting the Japanese military sexual slavery system, and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, there are currently no museums that exhibit and explore the history of WWII in Asia in its entirety.

Value  and Functions
Remember the victims of war and give voice to the voiceless


The Asia-Pacific Peace Museum is a people’s museum with humanity and peace as its core theme


Exhibit contents and designs are founded on the principles of authenticity, equity, justice, compassion, respect, and are based on the premise of education


As a museum wholly funded by private donors, businesses and foundations, all contents and curation of the exhibits is independent from influences of any stakeholders or governments

To host permanent and feature exhibitions that provide critical understanding of the causes, atrocities and consequences of the Asia-Pacific War


To serve as a hub for research for academics and students to engage in academic inquiry related to various aspects of WWII in Asia


To host educational programs, lectures, workshops, film screenings for youths, educators, and the community


To serve as a centre for commemorative events

Values and Functions
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